New York Philharmonic

"The fire god Loge (Russell Thomas, sounding bronzed and burnished) isn't the usual sprightly trickster, but wry and thoughtful."
–Zachary Woolfe, The New York Times

“Russell Thomas was unusual casting as Loge — not a character tenor but a full-throated lirico-spinto. He was consistently musical in his approach…”
–Fred Cohn, Opera News

“Russell Thomas brought a bright, flinty tenor to the trickster Loge.”
–Heidi Waleson, Wall Street Journal

"Russell Thomas brought tremendous swagger as Loge, the fire sprite of Wotan's court. He offered a lean, sunny tenor, giving an energetic account of his extended narrative monologue."
–Eric C. Simpson, New York Classical Review

"From his entrance, Thomas was playful, walking around the stage singing with a suave tone. As he was describing Alberich's story, Thomas looked toward the audience and his castmates almost interacting with all his surroundings. The switch in dynamics from piano to mezzo forte to forte transported the viewer to each scene he described and what was even more impressive was how he sang this. Wagner wanted Bel Canto style in his singing and Thomas delivered it. The tenor approached each phrase with ease never seeming to lose power or agility. And when he was ready to use his upper register, the voice gleamed."
–Francisco Salazar, Opera Wire

“Russell Thomas sang Loge superbly…”
–John Rockwell, Opera Magazine

"Russell Thomas was terrific as the wily Loge..."
–David M. Rice, Classical Source

"Increasingly strong tenor Russell Thomas sounded wonderful as Loge and played the fire god with sly understatement."
–David Shengold, Gay City News

"Russell Thomas contributed a hearty rather than traditionally slimy Loge."
–Martin Bernhiemer, Financial Times

"Russell Thomas was one of those Loges who eats up the stage like a hearth fire out of control. The insinuating lyricism of his "snake-oil" sell of the Rheingold's appeal won over the gods and the audience Wagnerians."
–John Yohalem, Parterre Box

"Russell Thomas was Loge, the fire spirit and demi-god, who accompanies Wotan on his search for the gold ring, bringing more personality and energy to the role than frequently heard..."
–Richard Sasanow, Broadway World

"Russell Thomas as Loge, the demigod of fire and Wotan's fixer, used his arresting, fine grained tenor to negotiate a vocally hefty and morally complex role with thorough success."
–Joshua Rosenblum, ZEALnyc

"In this New York Philharmonic concert performance, tenor Russell Thomas as Loge, the god of fire with semi-divine status, almost stole the show. His character was more impish and sardonic than dark and manipulative. His bright and glossy voice was truly impressive."
–Edward Sava-Segal, Bachtrack

"Tenor Russell Thomas shone brilliantly as Loge, the demigod of fire who serves as Wotan's somewhat conniving right-hand man."
–Peter Matthews, Feast of Music

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