Cavaradossi in TOSCA

Los Angeles Opera

"Puccini asks his tenor to sing the aria "Recondita armonia" ("Obscure harmony") very soon after his first appearance on stage, and fully warmed up, Russell Thomas sang it with the golden sounds of a solid, well-honed tenor voice. I would like to hear more of him soon."
–Maria Nockin, Opera Today

"Cavaradossi is sung by American tenor Russell Thomas, a gentle giant with a professorial quality and a powerhouse singing voice. When he mounts the three-tiered scaffold in Act One to work on his painting of Mary Magdalene in Rome's Church of Sant'Andrea delle Valle, his soaring tenor fills the cavernous Chandler with uncommon ease."
–Christopher Cappiello, Los Angeles Blade

"Russell Thomas, who plays Cavaradossi, is spectacular as well. Thomas' voice is as passionate as the personality of the painter, and he is incredibly emotive in his body language, adding to the show's flow with his challenges against Scarpia and his tender embraces of Tosca. His vibrato is strong and powerful, much like Cavaradossi's courage in the face of death and his passion in the face of love. When Thomas and Radvanosky sing together in perfect harmony, the entire theater becomes energized."
–Rose Bueno, Daily Trojan

''You'll undoubtedly be moved by the impassioned singing of African-American tenor Russell Thomas (who hails from Miami) as Tosca's doomed patriot/artist/lover Mario Cavaradossi. The brightness of his tone, the clarity of his full-volume high notes and depth of sincerity are captivating. Radvanovsky and Thomas are perfectly matched vocally. They both possess dramatically powerful voices that rise and fall in the richest harmonies, ring with passion and can explode in fiery intensity."
–Jim Farber, San Gabriel Valley Tribune

"As Tosca's doomed lover, Mario Cavaradossi, American tenor Russell Thomas was just as strong as Radvanovsky, exuding a properly robust heroism while maintaining a smoothly vibrant melodicism. Thomas has stunned local audiences several times in the past few years. In 2015, he provided the brooding masculine counterpoint to dueling divas Angela Meade and Jamie Barton's femme-tastic tour de force in L.A. Opera's version of Norma. Last spring, Thomas portrayed Cavaradossi when L.A. Philharmonic performed a non-staged, concert version of Tosca at the Hollywood Bowl."
–Falling James, LA Weekly

"As Mario Cavaradossi, Russell Thomas's rendition of "Recondita armonia" was suitably fervent and well-projected."
–Richard S. Ginell, Los Angeles Times

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