The Prince in RUSALKA

North Carolina Opera

"There's no denying the power of [Thomas's] voice, which sounded particularly rich during a duet with Heidi Melton's Foreign Princess in Act Two. He was poignant in the solo where he begs El-Khoury to kill him with her kiss in the finale, too."
–Todd Morman, Indy Week

"It was the polish and basic loveliness of [Thomas's] singing that compelled affection... The ease with which Mr. Thomas mastered the range of his music throughout the performance was awesome, and his thoughtful acting was crowned by an understated, sensual account of the Prince's death scene."
–Joseph Newsome, Voix des Arts

"The Prince was Russell Thomas, whose commanding voice and physical presence drew favorable attention throughout. (His performance in the big Washington Messiah last December had little prepared this listener for the superior dramatic skills he displayed in Raleigh.)"
–John W. Lambert, Classical Voice of North Carolina

Beth Stewart13/14