Andres in WOZZECK

Metropolitan Opera

"Russell Thomas, who played Wozzeck's "friend" Andres, provided some really thrilling high notes in the second act of the work..."
–David Salazar, Latinos Post

"The tenor Russell Thomas is a vocally hearty Andres, Wozzeck's only friend."
–Anthony Tommasini, The New York Times

"Among the large cast, the only real standouts were two tenors in supporting roles: Russell Thomas brought a big, burly sound to Wozzeck’s sidekick Andres..."
–James Jorden, Observer

"The music for the Captain and the other tenors, especially Russell Thomas as Andres, pushes into the stratosphere, and all the singers were impressive, showing strength and clarity in their upper ranges."
–George Grella, New Classical Review

Beth Stewart13/14