Stiffelio in STIFFELIO

Oper Frankfurt

“The single set, designed by Johannes Schütz, depicted the skeleton of a house which, up-ended, became a huge crucifix, symbolic of Stiffelio’s conflict with his religious community. It served as a potent framework for the gripping performance by Russell Thomas in the title role, brilliantly playing the injured outsider.”
–Hugh Canning, Opera Magazine

“Vocally he is a sure interpreter, who sang his part with flexibility and acted with success in this role that, as indicated before, is not well resolved in the opera itself.”
–Maruxa Baliñas, Mundo Clásico

“Well projected, Russell Thomas’s Stiffelio has a superb tone and technique…”
–Florent Coudeyrat, ConcertoNet

“With bel canto brilliance, Russell Thomas embodies this Verdi tenor role.”
–Christiane Franke, Opernnetz

“The audience was thrilled, most of all for first-class tenor Russell Thomas. Thomas as Stieffelio was a tenor epicenter – his quake could have fundamentally shaken other churches. The tenor from Miami has power and charisma, sounds intense and beautiful, avoids every sob and swagger, and is ideally cast.”
–Stefan Schickhaus, Frankfurter Rundschau

“The struggle for forgiveness is a struggle for civilized behavior: this is conveyed by the American tenor Russell Thomas with great urgency and a great voice, which does not lose its excitement over all registers. With brawny strength, he hardens to his wife, who regrets the betrayal and fighting for their marriage.”
–Johannes Breckner, Allgemeine Zeitung

“Giuseppe Verdi's rarely played "Stiffelio" convinces at the Frankfurt Opera as a compelling study of Christian sectarianism, jealousy, love and suppressed sexuality. This is due to Verdi's ecstatic music as well as to the convincing Russell Thomas in the title role. The Miami-based tenor Russell Thomas as Stiffelio makes every second of his appearance an event. The presence of his voice in every register is simply unbelievable, as is his sobbing softness in the heights and the emotional impact of the performance.”
–Bettina Boyens, Musik Heute

“Russell Thomas is a strong title hero. As Stiffelio, a passionate man and man of God, Russell Thomas distinguishes himself with a full-bodied tenor, a powerful voice in proclamation and wrath, an avenger in the mode of Otello.”
–Klaus Ackermann, Offenbach Post

Beth Stewart15/16