Rodolfo in LA BOHÈME

Metropolitan Opera

"Giacomo Puccini’s La Boheme is in good hands at the Metropolitan Opera House—and very happily in good voice—certainly as long as Russell Thomas is Rodolfo and Angel Blue is Mimi. Both singers have emotionally rich voices able to give the young lovers joy and poignancy... Thomas and Blue bring something even more unexpectedly affecting to the work. Since this is his debut as Rodolfo [at the Met] and since Blue has very recently made hers as Mimi, there’s something about their being young performers that further underlines the depiction of the joys and tragedies young lovers encounter."
–David Finkel, Huffington Post

“Thomas was also on fine form and invested Rodolfo with ringing, robust tone.“
–George Loomis, Opera Magazine

“[Blue’s] chemistry with Thomas was palpable; together they brought an interesting spin to the all-too-familiar Mimi-Rodolfo relationship. Rather than naïve lovers, they seemed to have both been around the block a few times. Their interactions had both a fresh eagerness but also a slightly world-weary acceptance of the ebb and flow of relationships. While Rodolfo might not show off the intense tenor’s best qualities, he sang beautifully, ardent and nuanced, showing care for dynamics… Let’s hope these Bohème performances are a harbinger of more regular appearances for this evolving artist at the house.”
–Christopher Corwin, Parterre Box

Beth Stewart17/18