Deutsche Oper Berlin

“The most fascinating showdown, however, is provided by the American tenor Russell Thomas as the indigenous Don Alvaro and Markus Brück as the vengeful Don Carlo di Vargas with his rich baritone. The human and vocal coexistence and opposition of the two - together with the intervention of María José Siri - outshine the staging of Frank Castorf."
–Ursula Wiegand, Online Merker

“Musically, there was much to admire. Thomas’ Alvaro was spectacularly good. His tenor is in terrific shape. Right from his first entry he raised the temperature on stage immeasurably, with his ardently Italianate tone and wonderfully instinctive phrasing. He sang his ‘o tu che in seno agli angeli’ with delicacy, able to pull right back on the tone and also fill the house with well-placed, ringing high notes. Most impressive."

"The American tenor Russell Thomas trumpeted powerfully as Don Alvaro.”
–Peter Jungblut, Bayerischer Rundfunk

"His duets with Don Alvaro, sung with well-timbered fervor by Russell Thomas, are the vocal highlights of the evening."
–Joachim Lange, Die Deutsche Bühne

"Russell Thomas (as Don Alvaro) as well as Markus Brück (as Don Carlo di Vargas) sang and played so explosively well that it was hard to imagine a more believable antipodal couple in these two roles."
–Andre Sokolowski, Der Freitag

"The two musical stars were the American tenor Russell Thomas and Markus Brück [who] are greatly celebrated."
–Josef Fromholzer, Das Opernmagazin

"Russell Thomas' finely-tuned Heldentenor personified Alvaro."
–Wolfgang Schreiber, Süddeutsche Zeitung

"The noble tenor Russell Thomas stands out, both vocally and dramatically, whose forward-placed voice seems to be built from silvery tears."
–Janis El-Bira, Nachtkritik

"Of the singers, the powerful voice of tenor Russell Thomas as Don Alvaro is especially convincing."
–Ingobert Waltenberger, Online Merker

Beth Stewart19/20