Pollione in NORMA

Canadian Opera Company

“With his major scene and aria, [Pollione] reminds us why this was the only bel canto role Jon Vickers ever sang. Russell Thomas’s staunch clarion voice made an almost startling impression, and later he demonstrated the full range of nuance, making an ideal match for the two prime donne.”
–Michael Johnson, ConcertoNet

“Russell Thomas’s Pollione was cohesive, with facility throughout his range. [In] the second act the American tenor begins to carve this marble: nuances and colors come to light with a heroic timbre. Here is a promising singer, seated on a solid technique and certain musicality.”
–Yannick Boussaert, Forum Opera

“Thomas…has a trumpet for a voice and he was a thrilling Pollione.”
–Joseph So, Opera Magazine

“And Russell Thomas's Pollione, the Roman consul both women fall for, tried his best to make his character come off the page, using his tremendous tenor voice to great effect, especially when he muted it to a whisper and revealed his character's most intimate feelings.”
–Robert Harris, The Globe and Mail

Beth Stewart16/17